Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Kerala state is blessed with so many splendid natural attractions that a number of fine class packages have been fabricated around them. The honeymoon packages in Kerala are a speciality of the state as the destinations here match harmoniously to set in the perfect mood for a memorable honeymoon experience. You can options to choose a particular destination package or include as many locations as you please, while booking the package. The beaches here provide the pure solitude that any couple would desire for a perfect after marriage celebration. The cool winds that blow from the vastness of the Arabian Sea and the waves that wash away the footprints in the silky sands drag the couples to the coasts of the palm fringed beaches of kerala. The beachside resorts have designed their services to make your after wedding experience memorable.

An integral part of every honeymoon deal is the visit to the backwaters of kerala where the waters from the river and the lakes have formed an excellent network of waterways and also a unique ecosystem. There are a number of backwater locations almost across the entire western border of the state lying parallel to the Arabian Sea as Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kuttanad, Thiruvallam, and Kollam which are a popular few of them. Here we find a very eco-friendly and a classy way to enjoy the beauty of the backwater locations that are the monster houseboats called kettuvalam that glide on the calm waters and provide a unique travelling experience through the coconut and palm fringes. These houseboats provide food and lodging facilities onboard and are filled with all the basic amenities of a good inn.

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